Snow Removal

For the best snow removal rear drag plow, look no further.

  • Pull or push the snow
  • 180-degree power wing motion
  • Hydraulic pressure relief on Wings
  • 2 hydraulic lift cylinders
  • Upper limit lift stop
  • Wear resistance cutting edge
  • Patented Sno-Power Connection
  • Efficient patented rear plow connection system
  • Robust frame and rails fit most trucks
  • Universal hitch attaches to 5th wheel rails and receiver hitch without vehicle modification
  • 5-point connection to vehicle
  • 2-pin quick hitch disconnect (as little as 30 seconds)

Why use a SnoPower Rear Drag Plow?

Sno Powers patented snow removal system has revolutionized how people view snow removal. With ease of use and convenience in mind- our innovative rear-plow system is able to quickly mount to the back of virtually any pickup truck or flatbed with no alterations needed and disconnect in as little as 60 seconds.

This one-of-a-kind rear plow system allows for 180 degrees of motion, giving you the ability to both push and pull snow. This optimizes performance in both forward and reverse, making snow removal a breeze. With a more efficient snow removal system, you will save both time and money! When used in conjunction with a front plow, our patented rear plow system makes for the ultimate snow-moving duo. In most cases, no alterations to your vehicle are needed with the Sno-Power system, for ease of access to other uses.

With features like a wireless controller, LED lights, quick attach and full 180-degree motion- no other rear snow plow on the market packs this much technology into one product. Our patented hitch technology includes a universal hitch with 5-point connection and an easy 2-pin release for ultimate ease of use. The hydraulic controls are equipped with 180 degree hydraulic wings as well as two lift cylinders with adjustable down pressure.

Other features include heavy gauge powder-coated steel, a plastic cutting edge, plow lights, and a limited 2-year warranty. All of our products are fabricated with commercial grade materials and are made in the USA.

For more information related to SnowPowers revolutionary patented rear snow plow system, call or contact us today!

Looking for Snow Removal?

We at Regal Moutain know what it takes to remove snow quickly, safely  and efficiently through years of experience and knowledge of the industry.

We woud love the opportunity to provide you an estimate for your snow removal project whether it is residential or commercial. 

Regal Mountain has a plethora of equipment specialized for your snow removal needs. Please give us a call today to see how we can best assist you.


We offer heavy equipemnt snow removal, for any size task. Our equipment stays on site to be avialable at all times.


Our snow plow trucks also have the capability to back drag, ensuring your pavement is as clean as possible.


We provide brine spray services to keep ice down and provide a cleaner surface.


Our sidewalk snow removal is done by either snow blower or ATV with plow as needed. The ATV plow is the quickest and most cost effective method of snow removal.