All About Regal Mountain Spas

Regal Quality Parts and Repairs

We provide customers a cost-effective and beautiful masterpiece simply through Hot Tub repair, without needing an overly priced brand new spa. We also strongly believe that used parts will come back to haunt you (and us). We simply do not deal with used parts when doing a hot tub repair or restoration. If we fix it, we make it last providing a 12 month warranty on all our labor and parts. We ONLY use the highest quality parts and service while saving the most of your hard earned income for your hot tub repair.

Regal Worry Free Service

Here at Regal Mountain Spas, we see the beauty of spas that others do not. This provides us an excellent challenge with restoration and hot tub repair, that we excel at completing. Because of our love of this service we provide you a relaxing, cost-effective solution to your aches and pains in life. Owning a relaxing, reliable and beautiful Spa or hot tub, should not cost an arm and a leg to repair or maintain.
We believe it is important for everyone’s health and well-being to own and enjoy their spa or hot tub. We do our best to educate our customers how to get the most out of their spa or hot tub.

Veteran Family Owned and Operated Locally

At Regal Mountain Spas, we tend to lean towards a family first approach. With well over a decade in the hot tub repair industry in North Idaho, we understand what is important in business and family life. We will never sacrifice our integrity for the bottom dollar, because we would never want our children to.

As we have put our blood, sweat and tears into our country, we do the same for our business. Our motto will always stay the same:
Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do

With a wide range of expertise and skill in the industry we can provide you the service you need much sooner, and more reliably than anyone else in the beautiful North Idaho. No one else can compete with our spa and hot tub repair services.